21. 09. 2019
CP train derails east of Swift Current

CP train derails east of Swift Current

REGINA – Canadian Pacific Railway says strong plow winds caused the derailment of a train in southern Saskatchewan on Thursday night.

Spokeswoman Salem Woodrow said it happened about 7:30 p.m. east of Waldeck, about 200 kilometres west of Regina.

She said 33 cars were off the tracks, and the majority were empty while one was carrying cedar.

There were no injuries, no leaks and no evacuations.

A plow wind moves along a narrow, straight path and is usually associated with a thunderstorm.

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  • Train collides with semi west of Moose Jaw

  • Truck collides with train near Estevan, Sask.

Woodrow said the line was to reopen later on Friday.

Environment Canada meteorologist Ron Paola said there were storms in the area at the time.

Pat Shields of Moose Jaw was driving by the scene.

“There were containers scattered throughout the ditch, probably a good half mile of trains derailed,” Shields told Global News.

“It was kind of surreal, it was huge.”

Mounties said the tracks run alongside the Trans-Canada Highway, but no cars or debris from the derailment were on the road.

An officer said traffic would eventually be reduced to one lane so cleanup crews could get equipment to the site.

It’s the third time a CPR freight train has derailed in southern Saskatchewan in six weeks.

Updated with files from Global News.

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21. 09. 2019
WATCH: Expensive fire season expected to extend well into September – BC

WATCH: Expensive fire season expected to extend well into September – BC

Even though summer is almost over, the wildfire season in B.C. is still in full swing.

With 152 fires still active in the province, authorities are bringing in 85 more out-of-province firefighters to give B.C. crews some time off.

Eighty firefighters arrived in Prince George from Ontario today.

The Ontario personnel may remain in B.C. for up to two weeks.

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They will join more than 1,250 provincial staff, nearly 810 B.C. contractors, over 295 other out-of-province personnel, 74 personnel from Australia and two dispatchers from Alaska, who are on the front lines already.

This year’s fires continue to blow the budget. The Wildfire Management Branch has already spent four times its budget for the entire year.

Taxpayers have been paying three and a half million dollars a day to fight blazes throughout B.C.

The provincial government originally set aside $63 million to cover the cost of fighting wildfires.

To date, $242 million dollars have been spent, with hot, dry conditions still causing problems in some areas of the province.

That’s double what was spent last year, and the fire season isn’t over yet.

“To date, the ten-year average is about 1,600 fires, and we are at just over 1,300,” says Fire Information Officer George Maratos. “We are getting larger fires this year, which is pushing the hectare numbers up, but in terms of fire totals, we are actually below the season average.”

Although the fire danger rating in southeastern portions of the province has decreased in recent days, many areas of the province are still experiencing a “high” to “extreme” fire danger rating.

Half of the province’s fires are caused by human activity and with the long weekend approaching authorities are urging caution in the backcountry.

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21. 09. 2019
Pedestrian was jaywalking when she was struck, killed in west Edmonton: Police – Edmonton

Pedestrian was jaywalking when she was struck, killed in west Edmonton: Police – Edmonton

EDMONTON – The Edmonton Police Service is investigating after a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed in the city’s west end Thursday.

Officers were called to the area of 87 Avenue and 182 Street around 8 p.m.

Police say an elderly woman was crossing 87 Avenue when she was struck by a white car and killed. Officers have confirmed the woman was jaywalking when she was struck.

The woman was pronounced dead in hospital.

The victim has been identified as a woman in her early 70s, but her name has not been released.

87 Avenue between 182 and 189 Streets has been shut down to traffic in both directions as police investigate.

The EPS says it does not believe speed or alcohol were factors in the collision.

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  • Safety concerns raised following fatal pedestrian collision in west Edmonton

  • City looking at increasing pedestrian safety in Edmonton

  • Elderly pedestrian dies following collision in central Edmonton

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21. 09. 2019
44 Fijian soldiers held captive by rebels in Syria – National

44 Fijian soldiers held captive by rebels in Syria – National

ABOVE: United Nation forces monitored the Israel-Syria border on Friday, a day after Syria 44 UN peacekeepers, Fijian soldiers, were captured by a militant group in Syria.

SUVA, Fiji – Forty-four Fijian soldiers working as U.N. peacekeepers remained captive to a militant group in Syria on Friday while 75 Philippine soldiers were in tense standoff with the rebels, according to the two Pacific nations.

Both nations remained hopeful the impasse could be resolved without bloodshed.

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Fijian Commander Brig. Gen. Mosese Tikoitoga said he’s been informed his soldiers are unharmed, although he hasn’t been able to contact them directly. Philippines President Benigno Aquino III said that while the situation was tense, there was no reason to believe his troops faced immediate danger.

The events began Thursday morning on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, an area divided between Israel and Syria.

Tikoitoga said three vehicles filled with about 150 armed rebels converged on the Fijian camp at about 7:30 a.m.

He said the rebels demanded the Fijian soldiers leave within 10 minutes and insisted they board the rebel vehicles. The Fijians were then taken by the rebels to an unknown location. He said he’s been told they were later transported back to their original post.

“We are all doing our best to ensure the safety of (those) that are currently being held captive,” Tikoitoga said.

Aquino, who was travelling south of Manila, told a crowd that the situation involving the Filipino peacekeepers was “stable.”

Brig. Gen. Domingo Tutaan said the rebels surrounded two encampments about 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) apart occupied by Filipino peacekeepers and demanded that they give up their firearms, but the peacekeepers refused. “This resulted in a standoff,” he said, reading from a statement.

However, “the potential for de-escalation is still positive,” he said. The military leadership in the Philippines was in direct communication with the peacekeepers, he added.

“Our soldiers are prepared, trained and capable of dealing with this situation and will take risks to fulfil our commitment to international security and peace. The peacekeeping contingent has the right to defend its position and the units in line with United Nations protocols and rules of engagement,” he said.

Tutaan said an English-speaking Fijian peacekeeper was sent by the rebels to tell the Filipinos to give up their weapons.

Col. Roberto Ancan, commander of the Philippine military’s Peacekeeping Operations Center, said the soldiers were armed with assault rifles, light machine-guns and pistols and had enough ammunition to defend themselves.

“We have our rules of engagement wherein we can use deadly force in defence of United Nations facilities,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fiji’s commander asked people from his nation to pray for their soldiers. Fiji has one of the world’s smaller militaries, comprising just 3,500 troops, of which 434 had been sent to assist with peacekeeping efforts in the Golan Heights.

The United Nations said initially that 43 Fijian soldiers had been detained and 81 Philippine peacekeepers had been effectively trapped after being restricted to their positions in the vicinity of Ar Ruwayhinah and Burayqah.

Fiji later clarified that 44 of its soldiers had been captured, while the Philippines military said 75 of its troops were trapped.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the detention of the Fijians.

“I call for their immediate and unconditional release as well as action for the scores of peacekeepers from the Philippines who are also affected,” he said on Indonesia’s Bali island.

He said the U.N. will do everything possible to secure the release of the soldiers.

Fiji said it would not be pressured into withdrawing from its peacekeeping efforts in the Golan Heights.

“We will not shy away from that responsibility under these circumstances,” Tikoitoga said. “We will continue to work very hard for the release of our men and at the same time we will put all our men on alert to ensure that no further incidents of this sort happen to them.”

Ban’s statement did not specify which armed group is holding the peacekeepers. Various Syrian rebel groups, including the al-Qaida-linked Nusra Front, have been fighting the Syrian military near the Golan Heights.


AP writer Oliver Teves in Manila contributed to this report. Perry reported from Wellington, New Zealand.

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21. 09. 2019
The miracle man: Why all hopes hinge on mediator Vince Ready? – BC

The miracle man: Why all hopes hinge on mediator Vince Ready? – BC

There is optimism among B.C. teachers for the first time this year.

Some were smiling behind picket lines today for the first time since the dispute began as mediator Vince Ready sat down with BC Teachers’ Federation president Jim Iker and education minister Peter Fassbender behind closed doors in what are being described as “exploratory” talks. 

But why is Vince Ready the go-to guy for getting a deal?

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His methods are so effective, people who have dealt with him on both sides of the bargaining table still sing his praises.

Former Premier Glen Clark says he has incredible stamina: he wears you down and then comes up with a creative solution.

B.C. Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair says he knows when to push, and he gets a solution when no else can.

“I think he is the best in the country,” says former B.C. Premier Bill Vander Zalm. “He has been at it for a long time… I am surprised he is still doing it as well as he is, although not surprised because he is a master at it.”

A simple Prairie boy, Ready began his working career as a steelworker at Cominco in Trail, but when he left his union roots, he stopped picking a side.

A neutral observer at the table, he has been a tough, but fair mediator in over 5,000 negotiations and ended a lot of strikes.

He settled the nurses dispute, province-wide shutdowns by government workers, ferry workers and pulp and paper employees.

He also he settled a big truckers strike that threatened to cripple the country’s economy.

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