5 parent and kid-friendly apps to help get you ready for school

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WATCH ABOVE: There are plenty of apps out there to help your kids get back into the routine. Carey Marsden shows us five for parents and kids.

There are plenty of apps that can help ease your kids back into the routine for school. Global News spoke to tech expert Corey Herscu, who showed us five that can help kids and parents.

Move the Turtle ($2.99, iOS)

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Move the Turtle is designed for children five years old and up. Herscu said it is a friendly little turtle that will introduce your child to the world of coding. Your child makes the turtle move by using codes, such as up, down, turn left, turn right.

“I think it starts the hand-eye coordination very early. And it helps get them really familiar with putting their hands to the keyboard at four years old, instead of swiping back and forth with a game,” he said. “It helps them learn the keyboard and where things are placed.”

Kids Tell Time ($5.99, iOS)

Kids Tell Time helps children learn telling the time both in digital and analog forms, and allows the child to move the minute and second hands around.

“With digital, everybody sees the numbers are there,” said Herscu. “When it comes to analog, learning the arms, the minutes, the seconds, how to go to quarter past, half past, that’s what the app is designed for to help kids at a young age learn and be comfortable with telling the time in digital and analog.”

Red Label (free, Android and iOS)

Who doesn’t like a great deal? Especially when it comes to back-to-school shopping? Red Label will compare online and in store prices to find you the best deals. The app has a built-in bar code scanner and it will compare scanned products to online prices and prices in stores around your location.

Team Snap (free, Android and iOS)

Even with one child, it can be tricky to keep up with schedules. Team Snap makes it easy for you by organizing school and extra-curricular activities. Parents can also add the contacts of coaches, players and players’ parents.

“It helps consolidate all the calendars into one easy to use app and lets you keep control of not only your child’s schedules, but the parents around you,” said Herscu.

OverDrive Media Console (free, Android and iOS)

Save trips to the library and late fees with OverDrive Media Console. It is a virtual library system that allows you to borrow e-books from libraries around the world with your library card. Books range from popular children’s books to adult titles.

“You can take a book out Sunday night during story time and can set up a return date so it automatically takes it back for you to avoid that late fee, and it gives you access to school and libraries around the world,” said Herscu.

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