Family wants answers about 80 minute ambulance wait – Lethbridge

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August 9th will remain one of the scariest days in young Dylan Court’s life.

It was the evening of his brother’s wedding when the 18-year-old and his family were getting ready to head home. Court jumped out of his friend’s parked jeep, tripped and went head first into the pavement. “Everything kind of just went black and white. Closed my eyes and I was gone,” he said.

“I honestly had no idea what was going on. I just woke up in the hospital and I was just stunned. Like why am I here? What’s wrong?”

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Court’s parents took him to the nearest hospital, Raymond General Hospital. However, he suffered severe head trauma and needed extensive treatment. An ambulance was called to bring him to Chinook Regional Hospital, 36 km away. His parents said it took 80 minutes for the ambulance to arrive.

Court eventually made it to Lethbridge, where doctors were able to keep him stable. His family says the situation could have been much worse, because of how long it took the ambulance to get to Raymond. “That’s ridiculous. This was life or death. Like the ER staff worked hard to keep my child alive,” said Tanya Court, Dylan’s mom.

“We walked away from this. Another parent will not walk away, and I don’t want that to happen because it is not necessary at all.”

Court suffered a severe concussion from the fall. He’s now back at home recovering, trying to get back into his normal routine.

He said he won’t stop until he gets answers.

“I had to wait that 80 minutes that’s kind of pathetic in my personal opinion.”

Statement from Alberta Health to Global News:

“We have contacted the family directly to discuss their concerns and assure them that a review has been undertaken. The family has been invited to participate in the review and we will provide them with our findings and any recommendations that come from this review.”

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