Fast and healthy back to school lunches – Toronto

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TORONTO – Back to school means reviving a lot of old routines, but that doesn’t have to include basic, boring lunches.

Susan Hay visited Rose Reisman at Glow Fresh Grill to learn how to spice up a lunch bag so it comes home empty – and most importantly, keeps your child healthy and energized.

Reisman is famous for her simple and delicious yet health-conscious food. She came prepared with tips for parents to make healthy choices when choosing ingredients.

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For the classic sandwich, Reisman recommends avoiding white bread and processed proteins such as deli meats and cheeses. Instead, choose from the wide variety of whole grain breads, pitas and wraps available. For a healthier protein with more impact, choose roasted meats and real cheese.

Yogurt can also be a fan favourite. Parents can make it even better by choosing Greek yogurt and adding natural sugars like honey, maple syrup or fresh fruit. A fruit kebob is colourful and appetizing and can similarly be kicked up a notch by sending yogurt as a dip.

The ever-popular pizza can also make its way into the lunch bag. Avoid store-bought pizza, but put together your own ready-to-assemble pizza kit with a tortilla or bagel as a base and grated cheese and tomato sauce ready to go.

Attractive packaging seals the deal –just add a unique lunch box to your back to school list.

The best part? All these ideas and fast and easy to recreate with your kids – and they’re guaranteed to satisfy.

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