Friday August 29th on The Morning News – Halifax

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Reporter Brett Ruskin will be live at 6/7/8am from in front of the Halifax Memorial Library. The historic and beloved building is closing its doors on Saturday after more than sixty years. Brett will have a look back at the old library and find out how things are coming together for the big move into the new building across the street.

At 6:45 we’ll get some advice on how to eat healthier in the second half of 2014. Health Canada offers tips for healthy lunches.

At 7:15 we take off the big glasses, get rid of the rip-off pants and put down the Rum & Coke as the Trailer Park Boys go out of character to come on our show. Mike Smith (ie Bubbles), JP Tremblay (ie Julian) and Robb Wells (ie. Ricky) have left the set of sunnyvale behind to star in a new movie, SWEARNET, as themselves. The movie is about the guys going out on their own to start a new all-swearing news network and website. The movie opens in Theatres Friday!

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Calling all beach bums! You don’t want to miss our interview at 7:45! We’ll talk with the organizer of the upcoming SandJam Halifax event happening on the waterfront this weekend. It’s going to be a jam-packed weekend with the Canadian National Team Beach Volleyball Championships and the SandJam concert Saturday night. We’ll have all the details plus we’ll talk with a couple of athletes!

What happens when creative minds from across the country collaborate on the subject of failure?  You get a successful theatre show!  At 8:15 we learn about The Failure Show making its Halifax debut at the Atlantic Fringe Festival.

And at 8:45 we wrap up the show with another one of the fine performers in town for the 5th Halifax Urban Folk Festival. Bryan Potvin of The Northern Pikes is in town to play at The Carleton on Friday. We’ll talk to the Canadian music veteran about his career and get a performance to close out the week.

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