Kinsella no longer involved in ‘day-to-day’ operations of Chow campaign – Toronto

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TORONTO – Warren Kinsella is no longer involved in “day-to-day” operations of Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign a week after he apologized for calling rival John Tory’s transit plan “segregationist.”

Chow’s communications director Jamey Heath confirmed Kinsella’s departure to Global News Thursday, calling the decision a “mutual agreement.”

“Warren in still a supporter of Olivia, he is still a volunteer of the campaign, but he will no longer be involved day-to-day,” he said.

But a colleague of Kinsella’s suggested on 桑拿会所 the the decision to step away from the campaign was his alone.

Kinsella, who has been vocal in Chow’s support on 桑拿会所 and his personal website became a source of controversy last week when he tweeted a photo of Tory’s transit plan and suggested the plan was “segregationist track” for ignoring certain impoverished neighbourhoods.

He quickly deleted the tweet and apologized to Tory several times.

In an open email to Tory he wrote “I apologize, unreservedly, for my tweet, since deleted.”

A longtime political operator, Kinsella also backed failed mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi in 2010.

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