Moncton police dog who captured Canadians’ hearts gets back to work

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CALGARY- A police dog that captured the hearts of Canadians following the tragic deaths of three RCMP officers in Moncton is ready to get back to work.

Danny worked with Const. Dave Ross, who was killed along with two other Mounties during the terrifying shooting rampage. One of the most poignant moments during Ross’ funeral was the sight of Danny whimpering as he sat beside the coffin.

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The German Shepherd was sent to Innisfail, Alberta a short time later, where he has been retraining before heading back into the line of duty.

“We are really appreciative for the outpouring of support and interest from Canadians for Danny and his well-being. It’s been passionate and persistent since the events of June 4,” said Insp. Lemyre from RCMP Police Dog Services. “I want to thank all Canadians for the support and compassion they’ve shared since the passing of our fallen members, and for Danny and his future.”

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Danny had only been on the job for nine months before the shooting, and Ross’ wife said at the time that it wouldn’t be fair to Danny to retire him.

While RCMP dogs typically don’t change handlers during their career, it has happened in unique situations such as a handler retiring.

“I know there would have very likely been separation anxiety after the incident,” says Sgt. Eric Stebenne from RCMP. “I know the bond between Danny and the new handler has been very strong, and they are working well together.”

The service isn’t saying where Danny will be posted or who his new handler is.

“What’s important now is that Danny and his new handler be given the opportunity to perform their duties to the highest standard,” said Insp. Lemyre. “We want to give them both every opportunity to succeed and thrive in their new partnership.”

RCMP say Danny is very driven and confident, and they expect him to continue his career as a police service dog for at least five more years.


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