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TORONTO- Eye See…Eye Learn is a program designed to detect, diagnose and treat children with vision problems prior to starting junior kindergarten.

“About one-in-four, or twenty-five percent of kids under the age of five, have some sort of vision related problem,” said Dr. Brian Paul, chair of the program. “It’s a little bit concerning because, according to OHIP data, only ten percent of kids starting school have actually had a comprehensive eye exam.”

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Christina Fernandes is the superintendent of Early Learning with the TCDSB, and believes this program is an excellent way to ensure children are able to learn and be successful in school.

“Most parents are not aware that this exists, so we’re sending to all our junior kindergarten parents who are just starting out with us in September, some information of where they could obtain an eye exam,” said Fernandes.

The eye exam is covered by provincial health insurance and if a child requires glasses at the time of the examination, they will be prescribed and fit with a free pair.

Karen McGlashan, a mother and teacher, had positive things to say about the impact the free glasses had on her son.

“The speed in which he gets them is good, so that he has a chance to adjust before he starts school,” said McGlashan. “As a teacher, I know it’s really important that kids can see what they need to see. It ensures that they participate in the classroom, and that’s something I wanted to make sure my son had going into JK.”

For more information on where to find the nearest Eye See…Eye Learn optometrist, click here.

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