Northern lights dance across Canadian skies

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TORONTO – If you were up early enough here in Canada, you may have caught a glimpse of the northern lights in the early morning sky Wednesday.

A coronal mass ejection – a stream of particles thrown out by the sun – reached Earth early Wednesday morning, sparking the dancing lights.

Garry Stone captured the northern lights as they danced across the sky near the Gardiner Dam in Saskatchewan Aug. 26-27.

FIle/Courtesy of Garry Stone

The Kp index, which is used to measure Earth’s magnetic strength, peaked at 4, which meant that high-latitude sky watchers across Canada were in the best place to catch the lights.

Notanee Bourassa captured a timelapse of the northern lights as they danced across the sky north of Regina, Saskatchewan.

WATCH: Northern Lights across Saskatchewan

The northern lights, or aurora borealis, were also spotted as far south as Wisconsin, in the United States.

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