23. 05. 2019
Kinsella no longer involved in ‘day-to-day’ operations of Chow campaign – Toronto

Kinsella no longer involved in ‘day-to-day’ operations of Chow campaign – Toronto

TORONTO – Warren Kinsella is no longer involved in “day-to-day” operations of Olivia Chow’s mayoral campaign a week after he apologized for calling rival John Tory’s transit plan “segregationist.”

Chow’s communications director Jamey Heath confirmed Kinsella’s departure to Global News Thursday, calling the decision a “mutual agreement.”

“Warren in still a supporter of Olivia, he is still a volunteer of the campaign, but he will no longer be involved day-to-day,” he said.

But a colleague of Kinsella’s suggested on 桑拿会所 the the decision to step away from the campaign was his alone.

Kinsella, who has been vocal in Chow’s support on 桑拿会所 and his personal website became a source of controversy last week when he tweeted a photo of Tory’s transit plan and suggested the plan was “segregationist track” for ignoring certain impoverished neighbourhoods.

He quickly deleted the tweet and apologized to Tory several times.

In an open email to Tory he wrote “I apologize, unreservedly, for my tweet, since deleted.”

A longtime political operator, Kinsella also backed failed mayoral candidate Rocco Rossi in 2010.

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23. 05. 2019
5 parent and kid-friendly apps to help get you ready for school

5 parent and kid-friendly apps to help get you ready for school

WATCH ABOVE: There are plenty of apps out there to help your kids get back into the routine. Carey Marsden shows us five for parents and kids.

There are plenty of apps that can help ease your kids back into the routine for school. Global News spoke to tech expert Corey Herscu, who showed us five that can help kids and parents.

Move the Turtle ($2.99, iOS)

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Move the Turtle is designed for children five years old and up. Herscu said it is a friendly little turtle that will introduce your child to the world of coding. Your child makes the turtle move by using codes, such as up, down, turn left, turn right.

“I think it starts the hand-eye coordination very early. And it helps get them really familiar with putting their hands to the keyboard at four years old, instead of swiping back and forth with a game,” he said. “It helps them learn the keyboard and where things are placed.”

Kids Tell Time ($5.99, iOS)

Kids Tell Time helps children learn telling the time both in digital and analog forms, and allows the child to move the minute and second hands around.

“With digital, everybody sees the numbers are there,” said Herscu. “When it comes to analog, learning the arms, the minutes, the seconds, how to go to quarter past, half past, that’s what the app is designed for to help kids at a young age learn and be comfortable with telling the time in digital and analog.”

Red Label (free, Android and iOS)

Who doesn’t like a great deal? Especially when it comes to back-to-school shopping? Red Label will compare online and in store prices to find you the best deals. The app has a built-in bar code scanner and it will compare scanned products to online prices and prices in stores around your location.

Team Snap (free, Android and iOS)

Even with one child, it can be tricky to keep up with schedules. Team Snap makes it easy for you by organizing school and extra-curricular activities. Parents can also add the contacts of coaches, players and players’ parents.

“It helps consolidate all the calendars into one easy to use app and lets you keep control of not only your child’s schedules, but the parents around you,” said Herscu.

OverDrive Media Console (free, Android and iOS)

Save trips to the library and late fees with OverDrive Media Console. It is a virtual library system that allows you to borrow e-books from libraries around the world with your library card. Books range from popular children’s books to adult titles.

“You can take a book out Sunday night during story time and can set up a return date so it automatically takes it back for you to avoid that late fee, and it gives you access to school and libraries around the world,” said Herscu.

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23. 05. 2019
Memorial concert planned in honour of Brentwood stabbing victims – Calgary

Memorial concert planned in honour of Brentwood stabbing victims – Calgary

CALGARY- Some young band members are fine tuning a tribute to two of their friends, who were killed during a stabbing spree in Brentwood last April.

Zackariah Rathwell, 21, Jordan Segura, 22, Josh Hunter, 23, Kaitlin Perras, 23, and Lawrence Hong, 27, were celebrating the end of the school year when they were killed. 23-year-old Matthew de Grood now faces five counts of first-degree murder in connection with their deaths.

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  • Calgary concert to honour Brentwood murder victims

Both Rathwell and Hunter played in a band together called Zackariah and the Prophets. The two remaining members have since started a charity called Zackariah and the Non-Profits, which will help fund scholarships in honour of the victims.

A fundraising concert is also planned for next Thursday, at the Jubilee Auditorium.

“There’s a lot of sadness about what could have been, but you can’t go through life doing that or you’ll be a wreck,” says bandmate Barry Mason. “If you wallow in sadness it’s crippling.”

“They were brothers to both of us,” adds Kyle Tenove. “We were four brothers united in music. For me whenever I play I feel like they’re there.”

Tickets for the concert are $25. Click here to purchase tickets.

Kyle Tenove and Barry Mason, backstage at the Jubilee Auditorium.

Jill Croteau/Global News

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23. 05. 2019
UPDATE: 22 passengers in hospital after tour bus crashes on Coquihalla; three in critical condition

UPDATE: 22 passengers in hospital after tour bus crashes on Coquihalla; three in critical condition

WATCH: A truck driver following the bus recorded the crash on his dash cam and can’t believe no one was killed. Jill Bennett reports.

UPDATE: Out of the 43 patients originally taken to hospitals, 22 remain in hospital. Eight are at Royal Inland Hospital in Kamloops and 14 are at Kelowna General Hospital. Of the injured passengers three are in critical condition; two are in serious condition and 17 have non-life threatening injuries. Hospital staff expect additional discharges of patients this weekend.

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  • Victims of Oregon bus crash file multi-million dollar lawsuit

SOUTH OF MERRITT — Dozens of passengers are in hospital, and seven are in critical condition after a tour bus crash on the Coquihalla Highway.

Around 2:30 p.m. Thursday, RCMP, fire and ambulance officials responded to the crash about 30 kilometers south of Merritt.

The RCMP say they have obtained a dashboard camera from a tractor-trailer showing the rollover, and that speed does not appear to be a factor.

Six helicopters and 19 ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

Royal Inland Hospital is treating 40 patients and is on Code Orange, meaning a disaster or mass casualty incident.

Another 20 patients were taken to Kelowna General Hospital, which is also on Code Orange.

According to Sgt. Norm Fleming of Merritt RCMP, 56 people were on board, all of whom were Asian.

Thirty-five people sustained minor injuries and 15 people have compound fractures. As of Friday afternoon, seven people are listed in critical condition.

There are no reported fatalities at this time.

WATCH: Aerial footage of the bus crash

PHOTO GALLERY: Tour bus crash near Merritt. Warning – some pictures are graphic  

The bus is identified as belonging to Super Vacation Canada – the largest tour operator in North America.

The manager of the Asian tour company told Global News the bus involved was carrying a four-day tour group, including a driver and tour guide.

He says there were passengers from B.C., United States and Mainland China on board.

WATCH: Dozens of bus passengers were injured in a terrible bus crash on a high-speed mountain highway in B.C. As Jeremy Hunka reports, Highway 5 is often called the most dangerous in the country.

Adam Hopewell, a student who was driving the same stretch of highway when the crash happened, saw several injured people at the scene, some of them bleeding.

“There were people under the bus. It looked really bad,” he told Global News.

“We [saw] a big cloud of dirt, and it looked like the bus hit the meridian and tipped on the side, and it was upright with a whole bunch of scratches,” he said, adding all of the windows on one side of the bus were broken.

WATCH: Adam Hopewell and Seth Waterstreet were in a car driving past the tour bus crash near Merritt and describe to Global News what they saw

WATCH: Catherine Urquhart reports on a tour bus crash south of Merritt that sent many to hospital

Highway 5 southbound is currently closed. There is a detour via Highway 8 and Highway 1.

The northbound direction has now been re-opened.

WATCH: Should seat belts be mandatory for buses?

Buses carry millions of passengers a year across this continent and there are relatively few serious accidents. But crashes do raise questions about bus safety in general and whether seat belts should be mandatory. Brian Coxford reports. Warning: Contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing.

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23. 05. 2019
Transit woes extend beyond Toronto’s borders – Toronto

Transit woes extend beyond Toronto’s borders – Toronto

MISSISSAUGA – People in Toronto aren’t the only ones worrying about the future of their public transit.

Brantford residents are being told some of the Greyhound Bus service they rely on is being cut, while other routes are being changed.

Wayde Nie commutes by Greyhound daily from Brantford to Hamilton – without a second family car it is his only option.

“It’s such a big impact and it’s so late in the game, it’s hard to find alternate arrangements,” he said.

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Nie found out about changes through a flyer circulating at the Brantford Greyhound Terminal just one week before they are to take effect on September 3.

Nie and fellow rider, Martin Sigsworth say they are left with few alternatives.

 “The only other option is the drive,” says Sigsworth. “That’s another car, with another single person in the vehicle.”

The riders had hoped GO transit would be an option for them, but so far there is no official word.

Brantford residents were promised GO service to link them with Hamilton and the GTA in June’s provincial election.

A statement from Metrolinx spokesperson Mark Ostler Thursday said GO Transit “would be pleased to take a further look at it, taking this new information into consideration.”

But the statement goes on to say “we have no current plans to extend bus service to Brantford.”

Brantford Mayor Chris Friel says he met with the newly appointed Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca to present a business case and try to get more buses in Brantford.

“We have the model,” says Friel. “We’re not looking for trains, we’re looking for buses.”

Friel says the city is prepared to provide some of the $480,000 required to make the service a reality.

“We can make this function and get going quickly,” he said. “We honestly believe we can see this going within a number of months.”

A statement from Minister Del Duca’s office said Metrolinx will be reviewing the area and studying the feasibility of extending GO service to the area.

The provincial budget released in July promised a $9.1 billion investment in GO service that will include more routes as well as GO stations and parking for commuters.  There is no word on when or where the money will be divided.

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23. 04. 2019
Saskatchewan acting on recommendations made after boy, 10, kills six-year-old

Saskatchewan acting on recommendations made after boy, 10, kills six-year-old

REGINA – The Saskatchewan government and a child welfare agency are reporting progress on 18 recommendations made after a 10-year-old boy killed a six-year-old boy.

Social Services and the Yorkton Tribal Council Child and Family Services have provided their first quarterly update to recommendations made by children’s advocate Bob Pringle in May.

Pringle found there were significant gaps in aid provided to the 10-year-old by the tribal council, the local child welfare agency on his case.

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Social Services says, among other things, it has held a joint training session with First Nations child and family services on safety plans.

The ministry also says it’s now doing program reviews on First Nations child welfare agencies on a yearly basis, rather than the old practice of every three years.

Pringle noted that the 10-year-old boy had behavioural issues and said he probably should not have been in the community unsupervised when the six-year-old was killed in August 2013.

Legislation prevents Pringle from naming the boys.

The RCMP said at a news conference last September that Lee Bonneau died after being found injured in a wooded area not far from the Kahkewistahaw First Nation community centre.

Lee was not a member of the First Nation, but was visiting the reserve with his foster mother, who had gone to play bingo.

Lee was last seen walking with the older boy outside the reserve’s recreation complex.

The 10-year-old was too young to be charged under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Below is the complete report:

Saskatchewan acting on recommendations made after boy, 10, kills six-year-old

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23. 04. 2019
NASCAR’S Tony Stewart to return to competition – National

NASCAR’S Tony Stewart to return to competition – National

ABOVE: Tony Stewart announces return to racing following deadly accident

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Tony Stewart will return to Sprint Cup competition Sunday night at Atlanta Motor Speedway, ending a three-race hiatus taken after he struck and killed a fellow driver during a dirt-track race.

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The three-time NASCAR champion has not raced since his car hit Kevin Ward Jr. at an Aug. 9 sprint car event in upstate New York. Stewart pulled out of the NASCAR race at Watkins Glen the next morning, then skipped the races at Michigan and Bristol Motor Speedway.

Stewart, who was described by police as “visibly shaken” the night of Ward’s death, has been in seclusion ever since. Stewart-Haas Racing executive vice-president Brett Frood had said the team was putting no timetable on his return to the No. 14 Chevrolet and the emphasis was on giving Stewart time needed to get him “in a better place than he is.”

READ MORE: Tony Stewart ‘grieving’ over death of Kevin Ward, won’t return until ready

Stewart’s only comment since Ward’s death was a statement the day after the crash in which he said “there aren’t words to describe the sadness I feel about the accident that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr.”

Ward had climbed from his car after it had spun while racing for position with Stewart. The 20-year-old walked down onto the racing surface waving his arms in an apparent attempt to confront Stewart.

Tony Stewart in seclusion as fatal crash investigation continues

Tony Stewart in seclusion as fatal crash investigation continues
Questions surround NASCAR driver Tony Stewart following track death
Investigation ongoing into deadly accident involving Tony Stewart
Greg Zipadelli of Stewart-Haas racing addresses Tony Stewart pulling out of NASCAR race
NASCAR driver Tony Stewart hits and kills on-foot driver in race Saturday(WARNING: GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Authorities said the first car to pass Ward had to swerve to miss hitting him. The front of Stewart’s car then appeared to clear Ward, but Ward was struck by the right rear tire and hurtled through the air. He died of blunt force trauma.

It was not clear if the 43-year-old NASCAR superstar will be charged in Ward’s death. Ontario County Sheriff Philip Povero has said investigators did not have any evidence to support criminal intent by Stewart. Povero said this week he has no new updates on where the investigation stands.

Meanwhile, Stewart will move forward with his career and attempt to salvage his season.

NASCAR released a statement Thursday saying that Stewart was eligible to return because he “has received all necessary clearances required to return to all racing activities.”

READ MORE: Stewart crash probe focuses on lighting, track

Stewart, who has 48 career Cup wins in 542 starts, is one of the biggest stars in the garage. His peers have been protective of him as questions emerged in the aftermath of the crash, and it pained them that Stewart was grieving in private and had cut off communication with so many of them.

NASCAR rules state a driver must attempt to either qualify or race the car in every points-paying event to be eligible for Chase for the Sprint Cup championship, unless a waiver is granted.

Since Ward’s death, NASCAR has announced a rule that prohibits drivers from exiting from a crashed or disabled vehicle – unless it is on fire – until safety personnel arrive. Last week, Denny Hamlin crashed while leading at Bristol and stayed in his car until safety personnel arrived.

But Hamlin then exited his vehicle and angrily tossed a safety device at Kevin Harvick as he passed by moments later. He was not penalized.

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23. 04. 2019
Fast and healthy back to school lunches – Toronto

Fast and healthy back to school lunches – Toronto

TORONTO – Back to school means reviving a lot of old routines, but that doesn’t have to include basic, boring lunches.

Susan Hay visited Rose Reisman at Glow Fresh Grill to learn how to spice up a lunch bag so it comes home empty – and most importantly, keeps your child healthy and energized.

Reisman is famous for her simple and delicious yet health-conscious food. She came prepared with tips for parents to make healthy choices when choosing ingredients.

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For the classic sandwich, Reisman recommends avoiding white bread and processed proteins such as deli meats and cheeses. Instead, choose from the wide variety of whole grain breads, pitas and wraps available. For a healthier protein with more impact, choose roasted meats and real cheese.

Yogurt can also be a fan favourite. Parents can make it even better by choosing Greek yogurt and adding natural sugars like honey, maple syrup or fresh fruit. A fruit kebob is colourful and appetizing and can similarly be kicked up a notch by sending yogurt as a dip.

The ever-popular pizza can also make its way into the lunch bag. Avoid store-bought pizza, but put together your own ready-to-assemble pizza kit with a tortilla or bagel as a base and grated cheese and tomato sauce ready to go.

Attractive packaging seals the deal –just add a unique lunch box to your back to school list.

The best part? All these ideas and fast and easy to recreate with your kids – and they’re guaranteed to satisfy.

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23. 04. 2019
N.B. Election Notebook: Aug. 28 – New Brunswick

N.B. Election Notebook: Aug. 28 – New Brunswick

FREDERICTON, N.B. – As party leaders and candidates hit the road across New Brunswick campaigning for the upcoming provincial election, Global News will keep track of where they are and what they’re saying in our election notebook.

Read all 2014 New Brunswick election notebooks

Here’s what happened Thursday, August 28.

Liberals: Youth employment and the north

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Liberal Leader Brian Gallant was in Moncton Thursday promising to introduce a Youth Employment Fund in the hopes of stopping the flow of young people from the East to the West.

Gallant says the fund would provide six-month placements including training and work experience for unemployed people between the ages of 18 and 29.

He says the program, modeled after a similar fund in Ontario, would ultimately give young people the skills they need to find full-time jobs in the province.

Gallant says a Liberal government would subsidize 1,500 placements a year at a cost of $7,800 per placement.

The Liberals also promised to refocus and create the Northern and Miramichi Infrastructure and Capital Funds. The Northern fund would be set at $20-million/year for six years while the Miramichi fund would have access to $5-million/year for six years.

Gallant says the funds would be meant for projects that hire locally, lowering the North’s 15 per cent unemployment rate.

Green Party: Local food

The Green Party unveiled their plan to get more New Brunswickers relying on locally grown food.

Leader David Coon was in Saint John Thursday, promising to create a local food security act. He said he would work to engage provincial institutions including schools, hospitals, seniors homes, Crown agencies and government offices into building a provincial food economy.

Coon said he would also direct a local food labeling program so New Brunswickers can easily identify food produced in the province.

NDP: Economic development

NDP leader Dominic Cardy spoke to a Saint John business group revealing his economic development vision.

Cardy says he would close the Department of Economic Development, keeping the elements that worked and putting them under the Department of Finance.

He said he would also introduce a new jobs tax credit to reward companies that create new jobs and increase the New Brunswick Investment Tax Credit cap to $500,000 – making it the highest on the Eastern seaboard.

People’s Alliance: Natural resources

The People’s Alliance of New Brunswick are proposing a forestry ombudsman to work within the Department of Natural Resources who would oversee contracts and deals made between the province and companies.

If elected, they also promise to not allow companies to use wood from Crown land as a so-called ‘weapon against private citizens’ who make their living off of private woodlots.

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23. 04. 2019
Southwest ring road plans include diverting Elbow River – Calgary

Southwest ring road plans include diverting Elbow River – Calgary

CALGARY- A mock up of the southwest ring road is raising eyebrows, due to the scale of the plan which includes diverting a river.

Alberta Transportation released a 3D video of the project, which is being built to link the Trans-Canada Highway to Macleod Trail. Plans include building a concrete channel to divert the Elbow River, where the highway would cross from Highway 8 to Anderson Road.

However, officials stress that the rendering is by no means final.

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“This is very early in the whole design plan,” says Bob McManus from Alberta Transportation. “There’s no detailed engineering work, there needs to be open houses and consultation which will be done in Calgary later this year, there needs to be environmental impact assessments.

“We’re a long way from seeing any shovels in the ground or any work of that nature.”

Critics are already voicing concern about the part of road that will cross Weaselhead Flats, which is home to plants and wildlife such as loons, swans, even black bears.

“It’s devastating to the ecological integrity of the wetlands and the Elbow River, and the natural area and the diversity of the area,” says Lisa Dahlseide, executive director of the Weaselhead Preservation Society. “The Elbow River meanders and sweeps across the river valley, creating the ecosystems that you see here. And they’re going to change drastically with the loss of biodiversity if that river is locked into place.”

The society is also concerned the channel won’t be able to handle a major flood.

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