Scotiabank on Dilworth robbed — again

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KELOWNA — Bank robberies are nothing new in Kelowna. They happen at various branches but for some reason robbers like to target a particular branch – the Scotiabank on Dilworth Dr.

The most recent incident happened Tuesday.

“A lone male suspect entered the bank with his face covered and deployed a bear spray into the facility and fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of cash,” says RCMP Cst. Kris Clark.

The robber got away.

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Police have been visiting neighbouring businesses looking for leads, including at Chris Elliott’s business next door.

“A police officer was in this morning and said: ‘Yeah, this bank has been hit several times,’” says Elliott of ABC Hobby & Games.

On Wednesday, a security guard was posted outside the bank, something employees tell Global Okanagan news they’ve been asking for.

Jonathan Wright runs a business in the same mall.

“The guy ran by me and I didn’t realize that. I thought it was kind of funny because who jogs in a jogging suit at 31 degree weather?” says Wright of Havana Room & Mini Market.

And wright has seen his fair share of robberies at the same branch.

“I would think at least six in 15 years I’ve been here.”

He figures it’s the layout of the mall and where the bank is located that is so attractive to robbers.

“It’s just too easy to get in and out of that bank and I think that’s why. They either run down the alley or they run across the highway and they’re gone,” says Wright.

And he says the security guard will also soon be gone.

“They usually have them there for a month, six weeks. I would imagine it’s bank policy and then they’ll leave. So they’ll have them there for a month to six weeks.”

Scotiabank won’t comment on the robbery citing security reasons.

RCMP say the Dilworth branch has been robbed at least five times since 2011.

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