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MISSISSAUGA – People in Toronto aren’t the only ones worrying about the future of their public transit.

Brantford residents are being told some of the Greyhound Bus service they rely on is being cut, while other routes are being changed.

Wayde Nie commutes by Greyhound daily from Brantford to Hamilton – without a second family car it is his only option.

“It’s such a big impact and it’s so late in the game, it’s hard to find alternate arrangements,” he said.

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Nie found out about changes through a flyer circulating at the Brantford Greyhound Terminal just one week before they are to take effect on September 3.

Nie and fellow rider, Martin Sigsworth say they are left with few alternatives.

 “The only other option is the drive,” says Sigsworth. “That’s another car, with another single person in the vehicle.”

The riders had hoped GO transit would be an option for them, but so far there is no official word.

Brantford residents were promised GO service to link them with Hamilton and the GTA in June’s provincial election.

A statement from Metrolinx spokesperson Mark Ostler Thursday said GO Transit “would be pleased to take a further look at it, taking this new information into consideration.”

But the statement goes on to say “we have no current plans to extend bus service to Brantford.”

Brantford Mayor Chris Friel says he met with the newly appointed Minister of Transportation Steven Del Duca to present a business case and try to get more buses in Brantford.

“We have the model,” says Friel. “We’re not looking for trains, we’re looking for buses.”

Friel says the city is prepared to provide some of the $480,000 required to make the service a reality.

“We can make this function and get going quickly,” he said. “We honestly believe we can see this going within a number of months.”

A statement from Minister Del Duca’s office said Metrolinx will be reviewing the area and studying the feasibility of extending GO service to the area.

The provincial budget released in July promised a $9.1 billion investment in GO service that will include more routes as well as GO stations and parking for commuters.  There is no word on when or where the money will be divided.

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