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ABOVE: Watch the security camera footage of the daring daylight escape 

A manhunt involving several law enforcement agencies is underway after an inmate made a daring daylight jail escape at the Payette County Jail in Payette, Idaho.

The inmate, Nicholas Grove, was able to climb up and over the jail yard fence at 8:36 AM Tuesday morning, despite both the razor wire topping the fence and the presence of nearby deputies.

Now officials are trying to figure out how Grove was able to succeed in such a brazen getaway.

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“Within seconds, he was able to scale over and through that razor wire, and to the other side before the detention deputy was able to get to him,” said Lt. Andy Creech of the Payette County Sheriff’s Office told KBOI 2 News in Idaho.

Police say it took Grove, who stand 5’11 and weighs approximately 150 pounds, just 15 seconds to scale the chain link fence, navigate the razor wire, and make his escape on foot.

The presence of blood on the razor wire suggests Grove cut himself during his escape, though it’s unclear how badly he was hurt.

And it’s not like this part of the jail was known for being a weak spot, either. The last inmate to attempt an escape in this manner several years ago cut himself so badly he was unable to make his escape.

Grove also has a history of escaping from incarceration. Court records show on August 15th he was charged with escape.

Before that, he was arrested and accused of stealing thousands of dollars worth of items from an education service district.

He was last spotted wearing a white t-shirt and blue or black boxer shorts, though police believe he may have broken into a residence and stolen blue or black sweat pants.

Anyone who spots Grove is asked to contact police immediately.

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